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Speciality Coffee

These specialty coffee beans will always be well prepared, freshly roasted and precisely grounded, resulting in a wonderful taste experience.

To achieve this, the coffee must be grown at the correct altitude and perfect soil, since the cultivation of the plant is essential for the preservation of its potential.

The history of the coffee that Tita’s brings begins in Mayan lands on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano, in El Salvador, Central America, where it has been cultivated for more than 150 years by the same coffee family.

These farms are specifically located in a region known as “Los Naranjos” where many highly prized coffee beans have been harvested. In these lands high altitude Arabica coffee is produced, in addition to other varieties recognized in the coffee world such as Bourbon (Red, Orange, Pink and Dwarf), Pacamara, Caturra, Gesha, SL28 and other Hybrids.

In 2016, progress was made in the supply and cultivation chain, reaching the roasting of grains here in the United States, offering the consumer a true experience that they called “from our farm to your cup” guaranteeing the wonderful and smooth cup of coffee that we all deserve.

Tita’s Cake House is proud to participate in this chain, bringing the experience of delivering to all of you, “the grain from the farm to your table”.